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Author and artist Oleksandr Kaliberda
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 ︎Context ︎Context ︎Context

I started this project around the second week of the full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine. By then, it was already clear that it was a war, but I couldn't fully comprehend whether to openly discuss my fears and thoughts. Working on the project became a time of consciously experiencing the reality.

︎ Research ︎ Research ︎ Research

Trident is a collection of images about how I experience the time of war. A compilation of themes that concern me in moments of shock. These are not memories, but rather sketches made to stay in memory.
Considering how easily people can be manipulated and how quickly attitudes towards events can change, I don't know how we will look at today in the years to come. Therefore, I want to remember the present feelings.

 ︎Concept ︎Concept ︎Concept ︎Concept ︎Concept ︎Concept

I chose Trident as a significant and familiar symbol to every Ukrainian. Trident serves as a unifying element, a symbol of unity and readiness to defend one's nation. At the same time, the background of each work is a scene of what is happening through the prism of my perception.

Historical reference︎ Information about the Trident symbol itself can be found on the website of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory.
This project is intended for a Ukrainian audience, so I expect reflections from you as those who are living through the present with me. Feel the unity.
Each artwork is accompanied by a date (in the format of the start of the full-scale invasion of Russia) and the location where the art was created. I suggest that you also recall where you were at that time, who you were with, what you hoped for, and what you planned. Compare it to where you are now, how much time has passed, and what plans you have.

Russian-Ukrainian war

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March 2, 2022
Kyiv, Ukraine