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Perfect video for social media

News feed in social media are endless and and overflowed with new information. It is hard to hold the full attention of a user on a post. In order to make Facebook users watch a video, show them your message before they get bored and continue scrolling.

There is the rule of thumb for the majority of videos on the internet-the shorter, the better. As this research shows, after two minutes the quality of our attention becomes significantly worse. This is why you should aspire to even shorter videos. Ii is good if it is less than one minute, but less than 30 seconds or around 15 seconds is perfect. Facebook recommends using video advertising with the duration less than 15 seconds.

It doesn’t mean that long videos shouldn’t appear on social media. TEDx, interviews and lectures on YouTube are great examples of the opposite. As a rule, such videos are published on the relevant platforms, not on social media, where these videos will be shown randomly or in accordance with a certain algorithm.

YouTube or your website are great places to immerse deeply into a certain topic, interview or a web-seminar

Here are some features of a successful video for social media:

  • It’s short. Perfect duration is 5 to 30 seconds, up to one minute maximum.

  • It attracts attention in the first 2 to 5 seconds. You should made users look at the video so that they stop newsfeed and focus on your video. Use analytics to experiment with it.

  • Text in it should make people curious. We are interested in different things. Research of your audience will help you identify what the majority is interested in. Short and appealing text will help you hold the attention of viewers.

  • It calls to action. It can be a call to buy a product/service or follow a link to know more.

  • It is equally good with and without sound. It is very likely that people will watch your video muted. Use subtitles if there is a background speech in the video.

To sum up, the perfect video for social media can be watched during a very short timespan when a person has unlocked their phone. Users should notice this video in a mottled newsfeed. It has to be interesting, dynamic and should be highly informative.