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Animated Illustrations for a Landing Page


produced by Oleksandr Kaliberda and Alexandr Serikov

Such videos are similar to those for App Store and Google Play, but since it is an advertising format, every video has to be tested. That’s why I create many versions of the same video. The best videos show average CPI $0.47

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Promo videos for mobile games

Promo video for mobile game is a 30 seconds clip of gameplay highlights enriched with bits of marketing texts and additional visual effects to attract attention. Such videos are used as game previews in App Store and Google Play. A good promo video has to show a minimum of main gameplay mechanics and make users interested.

Here are some of my articles related to the topic: My ways to change video aspect ratio, How to organize graphics library for rapid production of generic video commercials.

Average price for the set of videos is $450

Web comics  Kyivskyi Olen

Kyivskyi Olen is a web comics on Instagram and Twitter. It is an experimental project to understand how to gain interested audience.

During the project I have created an efficient workflow of the whole chain of comics creation. I have already had a rich experience as a visual content creator, so it was useful to gain experience in marketing and promotion. Read more about it here.

As a result, 2,5 months after its launch the project has received:

unique views

If you have a product or a topic and you want to promote it with comics, write to me!

Set of illustrations for Martian Chronicles blog

Unique vector illustrations for a blog can be created in a close collaboration with the authors of the articles. On average, it takes one week to create one illustration. Articles are written on abstract topics, so it is very interesting to make up ideas for images. I have been working with Evil Martians since they launched their blog in 2016.

You can find illustrations in the blog. Here you can see them in the way most people find them on social media.

If you have a blog or media, or if you need a set of illustrations, write to me!