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File naming convention

File naming is an everyday pain in the ass neck. I have solved this problem by developing a file naming algorithm.

Filename is a short description of its contents and properties tag. Properties are variables which will help you to search and identify a certain file.

Let’s move from the general to the specific. We have 14 games, so we indicate to which project this file belongs. We use short form of the project name. For instance, Bingo Superstar - (STAR), Super Bingo HD - (SBHD), World of Gems - (WOG) etc.

We divide creative (common name for all ads) into two main groups: video and images. Variables and their number might differ for video and images, therefore, the following name structured are different.


Let’s divide based on format and aspect ratio: horizontal (HOR), square (SQUA), vertical (VER). It helps perceive better and faster. To determine exact aspect ratio we use the following identification: 16:9 - (16_9), 1:1 - (1_1), 4:5 - (4_5), 2:3 - (2_3), 9:16 - (9_16).

Facebook is our main platform for video advertising. Therefore, if filename doesn’t specify platform, the video is designed for Facebook. If it’s for a different platform, we add a short form of the appropriate variable. For instance, for Instagram - (INSTA).

Unique name section follows, briefly describing contents of a video commercial.

If you need to check two videos with minor differences, add version section. As a rule, it is a sequence number, for example: (V1), (V2) and so on.

In the end, filename looks like this (required fields marked with stars):

(project name*)(format*)(aspect ration)(platform)(unique name*)(version)

Let’s divide images into two groups: showcase and banners. Showcase is all graphics for showcase design on all stores, such as Google Play, App Store, etc. Banners are the pictures for ads on Facebook and Google.


We don’t need to specify creative, as for video (IMAGE)/(VIDEO), because here only images are stored. Let’s specify the platform to which out creative belongs in order to quickly find it.

We don’t normally use the unique name section here, as it’s better to use the official name of the platform. However, we do use it if Facebook has specific names for certain banners. If you need versions for texts, add section with the sequence number.

(Project name*)(platform*)(entity name*)(version)