Feb 3, 2019

The first week of One Day, One Pictures has passed. As in any new venture, the beginning is fueled with enthusiasm, and now I have tons of it. It's easy for me to draw on a regular basis. Every morning I spent at least an hour searching for an inspiring reference and then, redrawing it.

I understand that enthusiasm will vanish very soon, so it is important to maintain regularity. I have a big problem with the latter, so I decided to do it publicly so that a sense of responsibility would force me to continue. I think that drawing one picture a day is a piece of cake even for a lazy ass like me.

Now a brief review of the main goal of this project. From the beginning of the week and until now I am very inspired by the work of Nimura. The drawings of this author are incredible, simple and fun. But it takes me more than an hour even to redraw a simple picture. It is terrible to think how much time I would spend creating a unique art in this particular style. I think I am not drawing fast enough, so I’ll look for ways to simplify the style.

In search for a simpler style, I chose Chris McCoy's Safely Endangered as a reference comic. His art is simpler, but unlike the ones of Nimura, lines and figures here are absolutely perfect. I find it difficult to get smooth lines and perfect curves when drawing on paper or tablet. Therefore, I continued to draw on the laptop and immediately achieved good results. In this style, I even managed to make a set of Emoji. But the problem is that this is not my style.

Continuing to experiment with the tools, I tried to recreate the hero of Chris’s  comic book in 3D. It was interesting and not as difficult as I thought. But it took too much time, because I can’t work with 3D.

In the end, I decided to draw on laptop in the style of the comic Safely Endangered. Next week I will polish my style by experimenting with color and shape.